Integrated Annual Report 2015

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According to the requirements of Commission Regulation establishing the Network Code on Capacity Allocation Mechanisms in Gas Transmission Systems, as of 1 November 2015, capacity at cross-border points must be allocated in capacity auctions conducted on auction platforms. For that purpose, in July 2014, GAZ-SYSTEM launched the GAZ-SYSTEM Auctions (GSA) Platform which gives access to all the functionalities ensuring full compliance with the EU legal requirements.

W tym celu, w lipcu 2014 r. GAZ-SYSTEM uruchomił Platformę GAZ-SYSTEM Aukcje (GSA), która udostępnia wszystkie funkcjonalności zapewniając pełną zgodność z wymogami przepisów unijnych.

As of 1 November 2015, in addition to annual, quarterly and monthly products (offered since December 2013), the following products are offered in auctions to market users:

In 2015, capacity offered via the GSA Platform amounted to 3,369,621,572 kWh/h, and 98,420,057 kWh/h was allocated in the primary market. In total, 15,326 auctions for capacity products were conducted, including bundled, unbundled and reverse-flow capacity offered at points of interconnection with transmission systems of the neighbouring countries and at Transit Gas Pipeline System points.

There were 47 entities registered on the GSA Platform and eligible to take part in the capacity auctions for the national transmission system and the TGPS , and among them – 130 active users.

The Polish regulatory environment may seem complicated for foreign companies, but we have found a reliable partner in GAZ-SYSTEM which has significantly contributed to the development of our activity in Poland. The GAZ-SYSTEM team is professional and enthusiastic, and customers have access to a user-friendly IT platform and readily available operational information.

In our opinion, GAZ-SYSTEM plays a key role in the liberalisation of the gas market in Poland, and we are convinced that our cooperation in the future will produce a host of gratifying solutions.

Thomas CHEREAU Capacity Portfolio Manager, ENGIE Energy Management scrl

GAZ-SYSTEM started cooperation with the Czech transmission system operator, NET4GAS, with regard to the allocation of bundled capacity at the Polish-Czech border, at the Cieszyn interconnection point, through the GAZ-SYSTEM Auctions Platform. The bundled capacity product is also offered at the Point of Interconnection.