Transmission capacity

We hereby inform that all data about the available transmission capacity included in the files presented below has been given for information only and it does not constitute an offer within the meaning of Article 66 and subsequent articles of the Civil Code.

In order to acquire rights to transmission capacity it is necessary to file an application for the provision of transmission services to the Gas Transmission Operator GAZ-SYSTEM S.A. The application form may be downloaded from our website » more

The technical capacity at given exit points are determined by the TSO at the request/inquiry of the Entity once the amount and capacity of interest have been specified by them.  Should the Entity be interested in capacity exceeding the technological and measurement capacity of a given station, the Entity should apply for a connection agreement or request for the provision of information regarding the connection possibilities.

Current Data:

Firm / interruptible transmission capacity [kWh/h]

entry/exit zones

Gas station measuring capacity

entry points

exit points

24-months forecast firm capacity [kWh/h]

entry/exit zones

24-months forecast interruptible capacity [kWh/h]

entry/exit zones

Long-term forecast firm capacity [kWh/h]

entry/exit zones

Long-term forecast interruptible capacity [kWh/h]

entry/exit zones

Daily nominations and re-nominations [kWh/d]



Actual quantity of transmitted gas (gas flows) [kWh/d]

entry/exit zones

Information concerning to interuptible conditional firm capacity

List of points

Over-subscription capacity

List of distribution areas

With regard to new rules of the Capacity Allocation for DSOs coming into force from 1 October 2015, below are presented information about new DSOs with ID of Virtual Exit Points DSO which belnongs to.
The list isn't a conclusive version and could be changed after the verification by DSOs.

List of new distribution areas from 1st October 2015 

List of storage virtual points from 1st July 2015


Historical Data >>

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