Services Offered

In the range of the accredited methods, the Laboratory of the Gas Quality Measurements offers the following services:

  • Gas samples collection,
  • Tests on the petroleum gas composition both in the basic and extended range  with the use of gas chromatography method,
  • control analysis of THT content,
  • Tests on the temperature of dew point with the use of the converters of the temperature of water dew point,
  • Noise level measurement in the workplace,
  • Measurement  of mechanical vibrations having a general impact on human body,
  • Measurement  of mechanical vibrations influencing a human body through upper limbs.

Apart from the tests within the accreditation, the Laboratory also conducts tests of the sulphur content in petroleum gas and electric lighting measurements.

All the services are completed with state-of-the–art measurement and test equipment. The details regarding the range of accreditation are on the left side in the Accreditation Menu.

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