The Employee Volunteer Programme

The Employee Volunteer Programme  is an element of the corporate social responsibility of companies and involves the company employees doing volunteer work for the benefit of the local community and milieu.

Employees-Volunteers  perform a wide variety of works for the local communities, environmental protection, youth education programmes, etc., using their talents and abilities and at the same time developing them. These actions are undertaken in cooperation with the employer (organisational, financial, etc.) usually during working time.

As a part of its employee voluntary service strategy, GAZ-SYSTEM S.A. implements 4 programmes which are based on the company’s values and support the company’s internal and external goals.

Programme 1: "GAZ-SYSTEM. Together For Others" consists in the organisation of an annual collection of funds for charges of an educational care facility located near the Branch/Head Office every November and December.

Programme 2:  "GAZ-SYSTEM. Together for Local Communities" consists in the organisation of an annual grant competition for employees of GAZ-SYSTEM S.A. The competition enables employees to implement their own ideas related to social activity for the benefit of their social and natural environment.

Programme 3: "GAZ-SYSTEM. Together for Nature" consists in the organisation of annual voluntary and integration events in the period from May to September during which employees carry out physical works connected with environmental protection on the project site.

Programme 4: "GAZ-SYSTEM. Together for Education" consists in the organisation of an annual elite programme where a selected group of managers/specialists gets involved in cyclical social actions in the form of job-shadowing or mentoring together with students of technical universities in the period from October to April.

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