Thanks to the prestigious awards have been awarded to the company as a reliable employer as well as its many positive opinions given by its own employees the number of persons applying to work in GAZ-SYSTEM S.A. is continually on the rise.

The recruitment principles and procedures have been specified in the “Recruitment and Employment Procedures.” The document ensures equal rights to candidates applying for jobs and counteracts discriminatory practices, including discrimination due to origin and place of residence.

An example of the good practices applied in GAZ-SYSTEM S.A. is the new employee package, which includes:

  • a new employee guide – consisting of a compendium of information which new employees will find useful in becoming familiar with the work culture, the binding company rules and procedures as well as other information necessary to function efficiently in the company.
  • The Code of Ethics and “Our Values” brochure,
  • an information leaflet titled “GAZ-SYSTEM S.A. Strategy until 2020.”

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