GAZ–SYSTEM S.A. wants to be a leader among European gas transmission operators that are growing and flourishing in compliance with the principles of sustainable development. For this purpose, in July 2011, a new business strategy was adopted by the Company until 2020 , an integral pillar of which is management from the perspective of sustainable development.

The strategy was created by the representatives of all the organisational units of GAZ-SYSTEM S.A. A detailed plan of action was devised during workshop meetings within the five strategic directions defined that will designate the further development of the Company for the next few years. A cohesive document was created that defines the mission and vision, the goal and the concept of the Company as well as the position that GAZ-SYSTEM S.A. intends to achieve on the European market by 2020.

A highly significant action that was taken was the implementation in the entire organisation of the Enterprise Resource Planning integrated management support system. The system serves supports enterprise management by collecting information and enables operations to be performed on selected data. At the same time, the system also connects the traditional management functions. Before this, the Company utilised applications which did not cooperate with each other, whereas the ERP system not only consolidates them within the flow of information between various systems but also unifies the performance of business processes with the corporate standards in all the Company Divisions. This enables unified information to be obtained and the methods of operation throughout the entire Company are identical. The implementation of this tools has resulted in the effective performance of key projects and the implementation of complex management and control solutions.

The sustainable management of GAZ-SYSTEM S.A. is manifest in precision planning and analysis of given projects as well as during its performance. In its operational activity, the Company is guided by the prudence principle which means that each project is preceded by the process of identification and analysis of potential factors that could threaten the successful completion of a venture. This is why GAZ-SYSTEM S.A. implemented the GazStep project management system, which includes course of action principles in each of the ten aspects of project management:

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