GAZ-SYSTEM S.A. ensures that it is up-to-date on customer requirements and strives to have current knowledge of the expectations of its business partners thanks to the regular, annual Customer Satisfaction Survey the the Company conducts, collecting the comments, views and opinions of its interested parties to make sure that the customer services standards are set at the highest standard and meet the most demanding expectations.

This year's survey revealed that 84% of our customers are satisfied. Company employees are widely appreciated for their competencies and professionalism and GAZ-SYSTEM S.A. itself is perceived as a reliable and trusted company that fulfils its obligations.

The surveyed Clients often express the need for an individual approach to resolving individual matters and streamlining procedures and speeding up their performance time. Our response to these expectations was to introduce a Customer Relations Manager, On-line Consultants, but above all the start-up of the Information Exchange System (IES).

We are constantly working on new solutions to raise the standard of services offered by us which is directly translated into greater Customer satisfaction.

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