• Goleniów Independence Mile

    Goleniów Independence Mile and the GAZ-SYSTEM S.A. 10 km Race is held every year on 11 November in Goleniów.

    There are two distances for the races: 300 metres for pre-school children, and 1 mile (1,609 m) for primary school, lower secondary and upper secondary school pupils. For adults, there are 1 mile and 10 km open races.

    Both amateurs who took up running as a hobby and want to break their own time records as well as professionals who are competing against each other take part in the races.

  • Namesday of Henry, Henrietta and Henrykowo

    The national namesday of Henry, Henrietta and Henrykowo is the only event popularising the names.

    The event is organised  in order to popularise the life of Henry Goldshmidt - physician and pedagogue, more widely known under his pseudonym Janusz Korczak and for his actions.

    Many artistic initiatives are organised on this occasion including art competitions, exhibitions of children's works, lectures, film screenings about the life and work of Janusz Korczak and plays given by youth theatre troupes.

    GAZ-SYSTEM S.A. supports the annual celebrations of this event.


  • Talent Week Festival

    GAZ-SYSTEM S.A. is supporting the Talent Week Festival  organised by the Paderewski Centre.

    The objective of the Festival is to promote young artists by giving them the chance to perform on concert stages in front of a large audience and to have contact with renowned musicians.

    This year's 30th edition had many aspects to it – the festival was accompanied by a vernissage of the exhibition titled “From the history pages of the National Talent Week Festival” presenting archival photographs, concert programmes and posters from the previous editions.


  • GAZ-SYSTEM S.A. for children

    “GAZ-SYSTEM S.A. for Children” is an cyclical children's festival from the Żyrzyn Commune (Lublin Voivodship) organised in connection with Children's Day which is celebrated in Poland on 1st June.

    During the festival, the organisers prepare many attractions and competitions for children and their parents.

    In 2012, the festival was inaugurated with a play performed by the primary school pupils from Osiny about the patron of their school – Rev. Jan Twardowski. The Festival ended with a concert called “Musical smiling marathon” given by Sławomir Sochacki and Joanna Atamańczuk.

    This is the second time that GAZ-SYSTEM S.A. has been a sponsor of the event.


  • School starter kits

    Within its educational initiatives, GAZ-SYSTEM S.A. conveyed over the last four years over school starter kits to over 3,478 children starting school, which included a school bag, fully equipped pencil case, exercise books and a shoe bag.

    Each year, the “school starter kit” campaign becomes bigger. We hope that the children that received the kits will be equally as happy attending school as they were when they received their school starter kits.

  • Natural Energy Fund

    GAZ-SYSTEM S.A. is also running a grant programme called the Natural Energy Fund, the aim of which is to come up with an original idea to sustain or save the natural environment in given regions of the country.

    The Competition is mostly directed at Communes and schools in given Voivodships. The Natural Energy Fund is an annually organised competition. 

    Thirty seven projects have already been distinguished and awarded within the competition.


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