Gas Naturally

GAZ-SYSTEM S.A., in cooperation with members of the European Union organisation Gas Infrastructure Europe has initiated the launch of the GasNaturally website dedicated to promoting natural gas as a safe and ecological source of energy.

On 15 December 2011, the European Commission published an action plan in the scope of energy until the year 2050 (Energy Roadmap 2050). The GasNaturally website is a response to the appeal of the European Commission to conduct a comprehensive debate concerning the solutions that can contribute to ensuring secure supplies of energy while reaching the targeted reduction in CO2 emissions.

Natural gas is the cleanest of the hydrocarbon fuels and an available, safe and reliable source of energy. It also constitutes the ideal supplement to the production of the currently developing renewable energy sources. Natural gas will enable a faster transformation of the European economy towards a low emission energy system characterised by a high level of efficiency, competitiveness and acceptance among consumers and energy companies.

One of the key elements of the GasNaturally initiative is the Gas Week 2012 Campaign, which will be comprised of a weekly programme of public debates and exhibitions taking place in Brussels. Gas Week 2012 will create an excellent opportunity platform for the exchange of views and for obtaining information about the input of natural gas in environmental protection, ensuring security of energy supplies and competitiveness in Europe.

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