Awards and distinctions

GAZ-SYSTEM has been deeply concerned about continued rising of standards in terms of services provided to its Customers, has been caring for employment conditions and conducting an open dialogue with business partners. We are glad that all of those have been reflected in the distinctions and awards the company have been granted.

In the recent period GAZ-SYSTEM has received:

  • Business Pearls 2016 awards. Commissioning of the Lech Kaczyński LNG Terminal in Świnoujście has been recognized as a commercial event of 2016 in the Western Pomerania Region.
  • Golden Card of the Safe Work Leader

In the previous years we were granted the following:


  • the main award in the The company with a large potential category, with the particular focus on innovativeness, 4th edition of the contest organized by the Polish Agency for Enterprise Development
  • the title of  The Most Attractive Employers 2015
  • the title of The Best Employer 2015
  • the title of The Leader of Technological Safety 2015
  • The Emblem of Human Capital Investor


  • Top Employers 2014 certificate
  • White Leaf of CSR by POLITYKA. This award is grated to the companies that declare implementation of essential solutions recommended within the ISO 26000 norm, provided for an efficient management of the organization influence, and keep upgrading their operations within this particular area
  • the title of The Leader of Sustainable Development in terms of building relations through a dialogue with stakeholders, awarded by Forbes magazine
  • Golden Card of the Safe Work Leader for results related to enhancement of labor conditions, safety and protection of a human in the working environment, granted by the Forum of Safe Work Leaders 
  • The Emblem of Human Capital Investor for the best practices in HR management
  • the title of  The Well-Perceived Company 2014 for social involvement of the company and its employees, the title is awarded by Business Center Club
  • the title of The Decent Employer of the Year 2014 for the best solutions in the HR policy


  • the title of  Top Employers Polska. GAZ-SYSTEM has obtained a certificate for the best practices in HR and high standard of labor conditions
  • the title of The Human Capital Investor. The company has been honored for the best practices in EH management, contributing to improvement of employment conditions and promoting the staff development
  • the title of  The Best Employer. GAZ-SYSTEM has taken the 1st place in the category of very large companies hiring more than 1000 employees in Poland. Moreover, we were 2nd in the category huge enterprises in Central and Eastern Europe
  • the title of  The man with vigor.  Jan Chadam, CEO of GAZ-SYSTEM, has the competition winner. This title is awarded to individuals, whose work, ideas and views have affected the Polish oil and power industry in the recent years, and stand out the test time.
  • the title of  The Distinguished Fellow for the Warsaw Power Industry
  • the title of  The Well-Perceived Company in the strategy and communications category
  • Golden Statue of the Polish Business Leader 2013 granted by Business Centre Club


  • the Seahorse statue. The company has been granted an annual commercial award given by Business Club Szczecin for completion of the  LNG Terminal project in Świnoujście
  • the title of  The One, Who Changes the Polish Industry awarded by the editorial team of "Nowy Przemysł" monthly and, a commerce portal. The company has been honored for implementation of investments in the industrial infrastructure, considered essential for the entire Polish economy
  • the title of Top Employers Polska
  • Green  Card of the Safe Work Leader
  • the title of  The Best Employer. GAZ-SYSTEM has taken the 2nd position in the category: large enterprises in Poland and the 1st place in the category: large enterprises in Central and Eastern Europe
  • Silver Award in the category: bulk implementations in Central and Eastern Europe, in the SAP Quality Awards 2012 contest (the top honorable mention that has been ever granted by the organizers in Poland). The company has received the prize for implementing the SAP ERP system


  • the main award in the Marshal of Zachodniopomorskie Province Commercial Contest , in the category:  Investement of the Year 2011: Gas Compressor Station in Goleniowo
  • the honorable mention Investor of the Year 2011, received during the Gala of Energy World Leaders, XIV International EuroPower Conference
  • the title of Investor of the Year in Central and Eastern Europe, obtained throughout the IV Investment Forum in Tarnów
  • The Innovativeness Certificate awarded by the Institute of Economic Sciences of the Polish Academy of Sciences and the Scientific Network MSN, that published a list of Top 500 Innovative Companies
  • 1st place in the large companies category, in the survey The Best Employers of 2011 in Central and Eastern Europe.  GAZ-SYSTEM came 2nd in the category: large companies in Poland
  • Medal of Europe, received in the XXII edition of the contest, for the fuel gas transmission service   


  • the honorable mention in New Impulse, for commencing a wide array of investments in gas transmission system infrastructure across Poland, contributing to improvement of state power security
  • the title of Premium Brand The high-Reputation Company. GAZ SYSTEM has been subject to verification of its business reputation in the B2B category (companies providing services to business)
  • 3rd place in the category: large companies in ranking of The Best Employers in Poland. The Company has been ranked 5th in the large enterprises category in Central and Eastern Europe


  • the honorable mention Mazowsze Quality Award in the category of commercial organizations. The company has been appreciated for maintaining proper balance between productivity and competitiveness, and the quality of the services it provides as well as a reliable attitude towards environmental protection and occupational health & safety issues
  • Polish Quality Award in the category of bulk service providers


  • the award Pearl of the Polish Economy for the 2nd place in the infrastructure industry





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